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This page is dedicated to my number two hobby (next to the SCA): Cars. I like cars in general. Classic cars in specific. I'm not much for trucks, but I can see the value in a good 4wd system or a rugged hauler. Passion, on the other hand, is to the classic muscle car. I've been working with Paul Hunter at the Boarding House Repair Shop for many years now. I help him out on projects and he helps me get my cars in good physical condition. So, follow along on a tour of my current classics and an archive of vehicles that I have owned.

Modern Cars:

"Storm" 2007 Ford Mustang GT Custom

Storm is a relic of my brother's time as a Ford Software Programmer. Storm is a one of a kind special order Mustang GT with a bunch of performance mods. Cold Air intake. Throttle Body. Racing Exhaust. Better engine. Hurst Shift. 5-speed short throw. Power and Drag packs. Want to get the handing pack. Black Exterior, red leather interior. Awesomely fast. Lays rubber in 3 gears. Haven't had the guts to check the other two. Does 150+mph. Scary fast.

The Interior

Back Side

Front of Car

"Red Bomb" 1993 Ford Ranger 4x4

I hate fords. This is no exception. This, however, is useful. 4x4. Manual 5-speed transmission. Small lift kit. 4.0L V-6. Lots of power. Not too many holes. CHEAP ($900). Works great after exhuast work. Still have to fix paint, replace the tailgate, and replace the windshield.

The Ranger

Another Range Picture

Classic Cars:

Blue Dragon: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

The Blue Dragon is my current project. Bought from a lady in Oregon, she's a true classic muscle car. The Chevelles were quick, powerful, and stylish. She now packs a 396 Cubic inch V-8. Heavily modified. She's fast, LOUD, and bad-ass. 3.5'' exhaust. Still working on transmission leaks and problems. Oil leak. Need new rear end gears. Still....


Restoration Pictures:

Work in progress shots:

Other Cars I've owned:

Ele: 1964 Buick Electra 225

Ele is your classic boulevard barge. She's more than 20feet long and over 6000lbs. Quite a heafty girl, but she carries it with grace and style. A 445 "Wildcat" V-8 gives this cruiser over 300 horsepower to play with and makes highway speeds a breeze and passing a nearly religious experience. Ele was the first project that I worked on with Paul. She turned out pretty nice. We cruise her in the 4th of July Parades every year.

I just finished taking this nice old buick back and forth from Houghton, MI to Sacramento, CA via Las Vegas, I-80 and I-15. Whatta trip. 6606 miles. No complaints except for a thermostat and a master cylinder that need to be replaced. Pretty decent!

I had to sell this car when I lost my job. Not a fun experience.

1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula, "Dream"

Dream is so named for it's ability to take me far from life's worries and into a world of speed and certainty. Some part of it will carry on for as long as I have a sports car. This car rolled off of Pontiac's assembly line the same day that I came off of the Human assembly line :) It's as old as I am.

Sporty. Powerful. Mean. What more can you ask for? She busts the hell out of the rice-burners, NOS or no NOS. Love the looks on their faces. She runs dual exhaust, posi, a muncie 4 speed with a Hurst shifter kit, a pontiac 400 High-output, a Holley 750 double-pumper carb, headers, glass-packs, Ram-Air, and an attitude problem. I planed on restoring her from ground up... but she got sold when i lost my job.

Possible Aquisitions and Goals:


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