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This page is dedicated to my primary SCA Persona, Cy.

Cy, Lord Cyveiliog McKinely, is a 16th century Scottish Mercenary. He's a rapier fighter of small repute who fights in the courts of Northshield for the entertainment of the royalty and populace. In war, he picks up the armor and broadsword of Armored combat and joins in battle where he may. His greatest skills in war fall in the art of the tournament. His sword is for sale to those who would hire it, but his primary loyalty is to his King and Queen. Cy is the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal of Northshield and Squire to Duke Sir Tarrach. Cy is well studied in the Masters of Defense and knows many of the tactics taught by the great fencers. He was well taught the arts of war is strives for Knighthood. Cy is every willing to learn more about his disciplines of combat.

Cy is a member of the Company of the Bronze Ring, The Academia, the Griffin's Company, the Order of the Cavendish Knot, the Order of the Iron Watch, and the Griffin's sword. He has been awarded the Northern Cross (twice), the Princess's Cypher from HE Elashava, the award of Arms, and The Saltire. He helps Patrol the Eastern Border of Northshield. He has held the Princess's Sleeve, and has served in the rapier guard of Elashava. He owes fealty to the King and to his Knight. Cy's colors are black, silver, and gold. His arms are Sable, a mullet of five points argent, a bend sinister ore, in a field ermines. His arms came from his distant relative, from whom he bears his name, who fought in the crusades to the holy land. Cy's distant relation, a roman by the name of Decimus Tomius Scaevola, was the first to settle the family lands in the British Isles in the latter half of the 6th century as the last visage of Roman influence faded from the Isles.

Cy currently holds the Princess's Sleeve of Princess Mary of Northshield. He also won the sleeve of Princess Jasamine during the time of the Principality.

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