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Jewelry Page: Rocks + Metal = Shiny Stuff

Sometimes, when it is cold or late at night, I get bored. Boredom sires a lot of things in this world and I think that the urge to make jewelry is least among them... I buy stones from online and west cost wholesalers and then find a setting for the stone. A lot of swearing later, there is usually some sort of decent result.

I do requests from time to time. E-mail me to ask if I can make what you want.

Walmart and Jewelry, a Sad World:

"Today's world is very sad. Walmart is the worlds largest. jeweler with annual sales of 2.3billion in jewelry. With their new "keepsake" line, they are trying to put aside traditional jewelers who have relied on the world of wedding rings and engagement rings to stay in business. With Walmart moving into this area of business, we'll expect to see a lot more women in tears during proposals. I mean, if you just got proposed to with a Ring from Walmart, you'd be crying too!"

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