Just a Closer Walk With History

The Roman: Decimus Tomius Scaevola

D. Tomius is the Roman Persona that I have picked up for heavy weapons fighting. He is far enough away (1000yrs) from my light weapons persona. This is to avoid mix-ups in the SCA. I would think that it would be hard to mistake a guy in Lorica Segmentata for a foppish rapier fighter. It has been done.

D. Tomius is a legionaire. He was a farmer in the hills of Northern Italy until the Legion made its call. He left his fields to his family and servants, and began to travel with his Governor and Emperor into battle against the foes of Northshield. He carries a black shield with the legionary eagle upon it, the crossed thunderbolts of zeus, and the armor of Lorica Segmentata. His weapons are Pilum, Sling, and Gladius. Tomius is left-handed, thus his family name, as most of his blood are "from the left." In battle, he is a fierce warrior who anchors the left flank of a shield wall by creating a natural "corner" for the formation. Decimus enjoys battle beyond most else but has been known to support the realm to the best of his means whenever necessary: be it in battle or with the coin of the realm.

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